PB Financial Corporation Announces Completion of $8.3 Million Private Placement

August 23, 2023

Rocky Mount, North Carolina… Ted E. Whitehurst, President and CEO of PB Financial Corporation (the “Company”) (OTCQX: PBNC), the holding company for Providence Bank, announced today the completion of a private placement of 183,726 shares of its common stock to accredited investors. The shares were sold at a $45.00 per share offering price, resulting in proceeds to the Company of $8,267,670 before deducting expenses. The Company will use proceeds from the private placement to support growth of the franchise and for general corporate purposes.

Whitehurst commented, “We are excited to announce the completion of this private placement that allowed the Company to raise $8.3 million in additional capital. We are proud to report the vast majority of the investment proceeds came from retail investors based primarily in the markets we serve. It shows the strong support we have enjoyed from our community and our clients. We remain focused on growing our franchise and providing consistent long term value to our customers, employees and shareholders.”

PB Financial Corporation is headquartered at 450 N. Winstead Avenue in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. As of June 30, 2023, PB Financial Corporation had total assets of $879.1 million, loans of $713.1 million and total deposits of $698.2 million.

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