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Cash Management

Manage Cash Flow

When combined with our Online Banking tools, cash management services can help your company reach peak efficiency.  
Remote Deposit Capture
Deposit checks directly from your office with a computer, internet connection, and check scanner. 

Account Sweep
Automatically sweep funds to interest-earning accounts or pay down debt when you enroll in an account sweep.

Merchant Services
From digital wallets to tapping a card, make paying a breeze for your customers. This service is powered by our partnership with a trusted vendor. 

Positive Pay
Positive Pay is a fraud-monitoring tool that helps protect businesses from fraud associated with check and ACH payments. It matches the issued transaction with the check or ACH transaction presented for payment. To clear the account without further authorization, the dollar amount, check number (if applicable), and account number must match. The transaction is flagged for review if any of the three verification points do not match. This review can be done via your business mobile app. To learn more, contact Desiree Blackley via email or at 252.467.2610.

ACH Transactions
The ultimate in efficiency, ACH transactions allow you to easily make single or batch payments. With ACH, companies have the ability to make personal and business payments as well as collections, including payroll, vendor payments, rent drafts, etc.