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IntraFi Deposit Network

A Streamlined Way to Protect Large Balances 

Using the IntraFi Deposit Network (formerly CDARS and ICS), you can access millions in FDIC insurance through your Providence Bank relationship.
Formerly known as CDARS and ICS, the IntraFi Deposit Network allows financial institutions to offer depositors access to millions in FDIC insurance through a single banking relationship. The largest of its kind, nearly 3,000 banks in the country use this network to provide FDIC insurance coverage for customers with larger balances.
Watch this video from the IntraFi Deposit Network to learn how it works. 

Community banks are an essential source of financing for small businesses and the amount of money we can lend is based on the total deposits we hold. Providence Bank receives a dollar-for-dollar exchange for funds deposited through our bank into the IntraFi network, making your deposit amount available for community lending. By choosing Providence Bank for your deposit, you are helping another business access the funds they need.